May 13,2014
Mobile Top-Up
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April 11,2014
Mobile Transactions
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January 12,2014
090 prefix
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April 1,2013
Online vehicle tracking service
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June 15,2012
Interswitch e-payment now active.
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ASTONTEXT is a web-based bulk SMS portal using one of the leading SMS messaging gateway to provide customized SMS messaging, that deliver to any network worldwide.

We provide customized bulk SMS solutions to individuals, organizations and corporate bodies helping our clients to achieve their goals by offering them various solutions tailored to meet their requirements.

It is easy, reliable, fast and safe to send customized SMS using our gateway.

We also provide gateway services allowing developers to integrate SMS to their web applications.

SMS resellers can also make money on our platform.

This portal is owned by Aston Tech. Ltd. [].

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SMS Solutions

Automated SMS

Automatic SMS that is sent out based on a criteria e.g. personalised birthday SMS that is being sent every midnight,monthly spiritual messages to church members by midnight of the first day of the month etc.

Intelligent SMS

This allows people to interact with web applications via to the enduser's mobile phone e.g. package tracking,checking examination centres/results, sending meeting notifications to association members etc.

This will save cost and convenience allowing endusers to perform tasks offline rather than being online.